Tai Chi Classes in Bathgate

Tai Chi is one of the most comprehensive Chinese Martial Arts ever created which includes psychological and spiritual development and is sometimes referred to as moving meditation.

Tai Chi classes, run by Stuart Brown MQP,  are held in The Stone Ring’s spacious workshop above our shop in Bathgate every Friday between 7pm and 9pm.  Pre-booking is essential.

The literal translation of Tai Chi Chuan is Ultimate or Supreme Fist or Boxing.  The style of Tai Chi Stuart practices is Wudang Tai Chi Chuan which is a classical form of Tai Chi incorporating the learning of fighting applications and weapons associated with the forms of Tai Chi.

Wudang style Tai Chi has five basic forms which are:  Square Hand, Round Hand, Sword, Sabre and Spear.

In addition to this there are other exercises to promote skill, health and sensitivity such as applications and Qigong.

The forms of Tai Chi were derived to enable students to practice their fighting skills in a slow controlled manner so that when they were needed to be used in combat the skills practiced would be precise and powerful.

Class Details

Beginners & Children (from 9yrs) are welcome.

Every Friday 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Adult – £25.00 per month
Concessions – £20.00 per month

Book your place:

Marie Young
Tel. 07727 178 701
Email. thestonering@btinternet.com

Benefits of Tai Chi

The idea of a circle is important to Tai Chi, particularly as it relates to the concepts of yin and yang.

Qi is made up of Yin (left hand, female) and Yang (right hand, male).

All things have Qi, you can live for 3 days without water but you cannot live for 3 seconds without Qi.

Tai Chi also has a number of health giving benefits such as:

– Self-defence skills effective for women and men well into old age.

– Bodily co-ordination and optimum usage of the physical skills of the body (body).

– Development of relaxation, calmness of spirit and stress reduction (mind).

– Establish deep healing, rejuvenation and longevity of one’s life span.

Class Structure

Pulling down the Heavens

Alligning with the Universe and Universal breathing or Five Element Qigong or Medical Qigong

Tai Chi Walking

Tai Chi Chuan Hand Form

Pushing Hands


Short Meditation

Pulling down the Heavens

The class finishes with a cup of Jasmine Tea.

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