What is Qigong?

Medical Qigong is one of the oldest branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, predating acupuncture by thousands of years.

As Qi is made up of Yin & Yang, a balance of Yin and Yang must be maintained to promote a good flow of healing Qi, this is done through disciplined practice.  When your Qi is imbalanced or stagnated you feel pain and if not treated can lead to further medical complications.

Medical Qigong uses Chinese methods that guide and direct the Qi for health and healing.  Negative thinking, poor diet, pollution and injury all damage your Qi and your Qi reserves get drained.  Even with low levels of Qi most of us try to carry on life at the same rate.

The teaching and learning of Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung) should be looked on as a gift and privilege as Qigong is an ancient and very powerful healing system which is the grandfather of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi & Reiki.

Qi and meridians it flows through are now beginning to be recognised by western medicine thanks to alternative therapies like Acupuncture and Acupressure.

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Medical Qigong Practitioner:
Stuart Brown MQP

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During a Medical Qigong healing session the client stays fully clothed at all times and there is no intimate contact.

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Physical Therapy

For fitness, health maintenance and the treatment of specific disorders – Qigong exercises combined with deep breathing are beneficial to the internal organs, bones and joints gently stretching and toning the body.

Stress Management

The Chinese believe that nearly all illness is caused by stress and use meditation and relaxation techniques to ease the mind and relieve stress, many of the techniques used in western medicine today have their roots in Qigong – Healing, Meditation, Breathing exercises, Visualisations.

External Qi Healing

When a qigong practitioner emits Qi from their own body to affect the energy flow of others, it is called External Qi Healing – Qi is emitted from the healer to the client to give the clients own energy a boost clearing blockages and smoothing out any imbalances in the clients Qi thereby easing the pain.
External Qi Healing is often resorted to when conventional treatment methods have failed.
In Medical Qigong, the healer provides the energetic fuel for the body’s highly evolved process of natural self-healing.
Qigong Bathgate West Lothian

Healing Therapy Session

A typical consultation can last up to approximately 1hr 30oms which would follow the format below:

1)  The healer would complete a questionnaire/talk to the client to ascertain the problem area and find out exactly what the problem is, i.e., back, shoulder, neck pain, tension, stress, stomach problem, etc.

2)  The problem areas would then be scanned by the healers hands to find the Qi imbalance or blockage (non-contact/light touch).

3)  At this point the healer would ask for feedback from the client for signs of any feeling in the area, i.e., getting hot or cold, tingling or throbbing, etc.   Most people can feel the Qi working but not everyone; this does not mean the healing is not taking place, it just means that the client can’t feel it happening.

4)  The healer continues to direct Qi to the affected area until the client feels better or the client’s body stops accepting Qi as the balance has been restored/blockage cleared.  The healing process will continue after the consultation has finished.

5)  Exercises may be given to promote healing in particular areas, i.e., heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen.

External oil healing can help relieve a number of conditions including but not limited to the following:-

Pain from Arthritis, Joints, Migraine, Muscles, Sprains

Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Insomnia, Strees

The non-contact/light touch healing Stuart performs is the result of studying Qigong for Health, Medical Qigong and Tai Chi in Scotland and North America over a number of years.

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